Sure, there are lots of kids and teens buying Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, but a long, long time ago in a galaxy that is actually this one, Star Wars belonged to another group of nerds — and those nerds are not going to let today’s kids take ownership of their fandom so easily, especially when these kids don’t know that action figures should STAY. IN. THE. BOX.

Making fun of man-children never, ever gets old, possibly because there’s a huge kernel of truth to what’s happening in SNL’s latest faux commercial. A group of kids are having fun, playing with their Kylo Ren and Finn action figures from The Force Awakens, when the perfectly nerdy, obnoxious fanboy trio of Bobby Moynihan, Kyle Mooney and Taran Killam interrupt to very firmly suggest that these toys should remain in their packaging. No, really.

And by the way, who is Doug Vader, and how dare these kids play with Star Wars toys and pretend to be real fans when they apparently aren’t even familiar with the original trilogy and don’t even know how to properly fake-pilot the Millennium Falcon. Gosh.

Above all, it’s a good-natured ribbing of fanboys — and it will make you laugh until you cry.

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