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This summer, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council is bringing one of the most incredible Batman comic book collections on Earth to Downtown Shreveport. It's not just that the collection is incredible, its why the collection is incredible. The books in this collection are custom art pieces. Where each book has had a custom cover drawn by a different artist, or celebrity.

These books belong to world-renowned, award winning, graphic designer Chip Kidd. Which, if  you don't recognize his name right away, you know his work. Chip Kidd's most popular work was actually part of a massive summer blockbuster movie this year...AGAIN.

Chip Kidd is the creator of the iconic Jurassic Park logo. The one you've seen on book covers and movie posters since the 1990s.

Not only is he a legendary graphic designer, Chip Kidd is a huge Batman fan. Which is where this whole exhibit begins. Chip Kidd was such a huge Batman fan, he found himself working on a Batman project for DC Comics. Part of the project included a blank "sketch" cover for his work. That was Batman Black & White #1, which came in the sketch cover variant.

Credit: Casey Jones, Shreveport Regional Arts Council
Credit: Casey Jones, Shreveport Regional Arts Council

According to Chip Kidd, he was initially dismissive of these blank covers. But eventually he decided to get some custom artwork on one. After that, he thought it would be cool to get another, and another, and another. It became a passion project.

Now, Chip Kidd has more than 160 of these custom art pieces, drawn or created by some of the biggest names in comic book art, movies, and animation. These are the covers that will be featured at Artspace in Shreveport this summer.

Some of the names of creators included are Jim Carrey, JJ Abrams, Bill Joyce (Shreveport's own), Gloria Vanderbilt, Alex Ross, and more. We have some of the covers from this exhibit here. It's just a very small sample, you definitely want to stop by this summer to see the whole thing. You can get details on that here.

Art From Chip Kidd's Batman Black & White Exhibit

This isn't giving away the whole thing, because there are over 160 covers to see at Artspace in Downtown Shreveport during the summer of 2022

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