Rosemary the obese chihuahua has been on a crazy journey to find a home. The pudgy pooch caught the attention of the Shreveport-Bossier community because she's chasing those weight loss goals like Rocky Balboa is her life coach.

Rosemary may still be thicker than a snicker, but she's come a long way since we first found out about her.

At just 3 years of age her previous owners got her so overweight and then decided they didn't want her anymore, so they dropped her off to get euthanized at a local shelter.

Thankfully the staff at the shelter was determined to find her a home so they reached out to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana.

Rosemary is the heaviest chihuahua many in Rescue have ever seen. Rosemary weighed in at over 24 pounds. Keep in mind most chihuahuas weigh less than 6 pounds.

As of today, Rosemary went from 24 pounds to 17.4 pounds!

Ninna's Road to Rescue
Ninna's Road to Rescue

Yes, we are celebrating this as a huge win, our little twinkie on legs won't be labeled as a chunky girl much longer. Go Rosemary go!

When we first found out about Rosemary this is what we saw:

"We will check in with her starting weight tomorrow. Any guesses ?!
Owner surrendered to a shelter, requested and signed papers to euthanize. The shelter staff quickly decided that was not the route they wanted to go on this morbidly obese Chihuahua who is only 3 years YOUNG ❤😭
They reached out for help... and here she is now at the HSNWLA 💙💛
This gal will go on a strict diet and exercise plan starting tomorrow, to get her back in shape and healthy!!! Dogs this overweight is very sad, sure they might love treats and human food but causing damage to the heart lungs and other vital organs is not a way to live and almost guarantees a shorter life expectancy! Poor girl can barely walk 10 steps before coming tired and out of breath. She is on medications for seizures as well!!! She will get a thorough exam from our veterinarian and be closely monitored during her stay with us!
Stay tuned for her weight loss progress 💪😉
Welcome Rosemary to the HSNWLA 💙💛"

Check out Rosemary's killer workouts below!

Once Rosemary gets to her target weight applications for her adoption will be open. If you want to jump in and donate and help keep the good work going that the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana is doing just click here to donate.

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