If you talk politics with anyone in Shreveport these days, they will invariably bring up the Mayor's race which is set for the fall of 2022.

Mayor Adrian Perkins has already announced he's running. Caddo Commissioner Jim Taliaferro has announced he's running. But what really comes up is speculation about who might get in the race. Caddo Commissioner Mario Chavez is mentioned and so is State Senator Greg Tarver. Chavez tells us he is strongly being urged to run. We have also learned former Shreveport City Councilman Tom Arceneaux is thinking about jumping in the race. Arceneaux says he won't make a final decision until sometime next year. Interestingly, both Chavez and Arceneaux tell me if they decide to run, they are thinking about running as an independent. Chavez even says he will campaign to change the structure of city government. He thinks Shreveport needs a city manager to handle running the city. The Mayor, he believes, should be a figure-head.

KEEL News also caught up with Tarver to ask him how seriously he is thinking about jumping in the race.

Tarver says he does not have to make a decision until June of next year. He tells us this will be something he considers after serious talks with his family.

He did have some harsh words to say about Perkins. He told us Shreveport is in very bad shape and we have poor leadership. I asked what will it take to beat Perkins and he replied "he will beat his self."

Tarver says if he decides to run, he will work to get the support of the people. But he also added some tough decisions will have to be made to get our city back on the right track. He says those decisions will likely anger people on both sides of the political isle. But he will do what is best for Shreveport.
He says "people are tired of watching what is happening to our city." He also says someone really needs to step in and address the "race problem" in Shreveport.
Tarver also brought up the bond proposal which is on the ballot next month. He predicted all of the propositions will fail and he says that will be a referendum on Perkins. As a result of the failure of the bond proposals, Tarver believes Perkins will ultimately decide not to run for re-election.

Qualifying for the November 8 election will happen in July.

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