The generosity of Shreveport man has gone nationwide. Alvin was on his hunting lease in Grand Cane, Louisiana when he spotted a red balloon with a note attached to it. Imagine the surprise of finding out that four-year-old twins wanted to get a hold of Santa through the power of helium. Although Alvin Bamburg was no Santa he took it upon himself to make the twins believe in the magic of Christmas.

500 miles away from Shreveport, Louisiana 4-year-old twin sisters Gianella and Luna from Liberal, Kansas we’re inspired by their mother to get creative when writing a letter to Santa. What better way to get your message to the jolly man than with balloons?

The twins' mother Leticia Flores-Gonzalez figured it was a fun way for the girls to express themselves and she even took a picture of the note on the balloon never expecting to see it again.

Flash forward to a couple of days before Christmas, Bamburg’s findings led to one of the most epic Christmas’s for the twins. Yes, they got everything on their Christmas wish list, they were good girls all year long.

There was one item on that list that proved to be very difficult to find not just for the twin's family but for Alvin as well, a small puppy. Both families scoured shelters and rescues to no avail, luckily a wiener dog breeder found out about the quest to find a puppy for the twins, Alvin was able to go pick out the perfect puppy. The next part is my favorite part, this is where Calvin gets to meet the twin girls finally, with a puppy in hand of course.

Alvin Bamburg
Alvin Bamburg

I love that a Shreveport Mahon’s generosity knows no bounds and because of his kind heart, these twin girls now have an adopted grandfather who regularly checks in on them and has become a part of their family.

If this story doesn’t inspire you to go out and be kind people to people I don’t know what will. Thank you to Alvin for giving us hope in humanity again and reminding us that going the extra mile or in his case extra 500 miles will always be worth it.

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