Matt Rawle, one of the stars of the Shreveport Little Theater play, "Children of Eden," talks about the upcoming performances and the return of live theater to the area.

"What a celebration," says Rawle, talking about SLT's playhouse doors reopening, "Sitting together in a live auditorium, hearing people singing, and it's the 100th season of Shreveport Little Theater!

"We're kicking off this milestone with the musical, "Children of Eden."

Here's what Rawle told KEEL about the play:

The play, an SLT production, opens July 23 at Shreveport's First Baptist Church on Ockley. Reviewers have described the two-act musical "as a joyous and inspirational story about parents, children, and faith. The show ultimately delivers a bittersweet, but inspiring message - that the hardest part of love is letting go."

"It's not a retelling of Genesis," Rawle says, "But it's using those characters to talk about the relationships that we're all familiar with."

The "Children of eden" performances will also feature a large community choir and full orchestra.

"We're very excited to offer this to the community," Rawle continues, "The choir is made up of choir members from area churches who have joined us for our performances."

"Children of Eden" performances will take place July 23 and 24 at 7:30pm, plus a special matinee show on July 24 at 2:00pm.

All tickets are $25, general admission and are on sale now.

For more information about the Shreveport Little Theater's centennial year, it's schedule for the summer and fall season and for ticket information, or to purchase tickets for "Children of Eden," or any other SLT play, JUST CLICK HERE!

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