The gates to the Shreveport dog park were locked in early May because of high water. The park has been closed since then. But that has now changed. Spar crews have been working long hours to get the park cleaned up and ready for the pups. Well it's ready. The gates have been unlocked and your pups are now welcome.

Crews had to wait for the water to drain and then they had to clean up all the dirt and sand that covered the grounds and the sidewalks. Then they had to wait for the grass to dry to get it properly mowed.

While we get this good news, KEEL News has learned there's a move afoot to open another dog park in Shreveport. This one is planned for the Southern Hills Park on Bert Kouns.

The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance has started a petition to get people on board and they are also raising funds to help pay for the new park.

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