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Shreveport City Council
Shreveport City Council

In a world where more and more people are concerned with image than they are with "intent," you'd think that a person would be a lot more careful with their public behavior.  Remember, in today's world, it's not just what you did, it's what you didn't do.  It's not just how it appeared, it's how someone could twist the truth and squeeze from it something that was never intended nor even considered.  It just drives home the old advertising adage, "Perception is reality."

However, that appears to not be the case with Shreveport Councilman James Green, if indeed he acted like witnesses say he did on June 2 at Eye Care, 5842 Line Avenue in Shreveport.

If indeed he shoved his way past a female employee and barged into the business after being repeatedly told they were seeing patients by appointment only due to capacity limits brought on by COVID-19.

If indeed the local minister, Reverend Green, did cause a disturbance, cursing and demanding to see the owner saying he should be treated better as a Shreveport City Council member as witnesses recount that he did, then obviously he's not concerned with perception, right?

He couldn't possibly care that what others think of him could be what put him in public office to begin with, right?

Caddo District Attorney James Stewart will now have to determine if the politician's actions merit criminal charges.

We The People, have already got this terribly negative image of politicians built up in our heads. We believe that most of them are crooks, dishonest, self absorbed and consider themselves above the law.  So, why in the world would a politician EVER want to reinforce those images, especially in times like this?

Just makes you wonder.

See the full police report and story about the accusations in a news report from News Radio 710 KEEL.

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