Geaux Show Love-Bear and Geaux Green are local charities close to our hearts here at the station started by amazing local kids Julianna and Joey who both live in Shreveport. These two amazing young adults started their charities when they were in elementary school and have grown to help thousands over the years.

Julianna who is only 11 years old created Bear Share to collect stuffed animals to be given to police and firefighters for kids going through hard situations. So far Bear Share has collected over 16,000 stuffed animals!

Recently Julianna was recognized for everything she's done with her charity Bear Share the title of Everyday Young Hero from Youth Service America in Washington DC! It's truly amazing and inspiring what Julianna has been able to accomplish at such a young age. If you're interested in learning more about Bear Share we've attached a video Julianna posted to their Facebook page.

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