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No, it's not what you're thinking. We're getting petty alright, by becoming 'petty thieves!'

Don't worry, we're not encouraging actual theft, we're playing a game. Imagine this: You're a burglar. But you can only steal things that will mildly inconvenience your victims. What are you taking? I don't know about you, but I'm taking the batteries out of every remote in the house!

I asked that question to hilarious results from Shreveport-Bossier City locals. Turns out we may have some petty thieves in the making or at the least, some criminal masterminds! Check out some of our favorite responses and feel free to add your own and give me a follow!

Rhonda Davis Chavis
I’m stealing the light bulbs.

Tyrone Larkins
Cellphone chargers!!

Elizabeth Reding Herriage

Deanna Fallon Antee
I’m taking ALL the TP

Tracy Mendels
Knobs to turn on the stove

John McCorkle
The can opener

Leslie Knox
I’m stealing the Wine

Chris Shadoin

Alaina Duvall
Broom and dustpan

Robert C Phillips Jr.
Fridge light bulb

Gerald Efferson Jr.
His Wife... lol

Leigh Santoro
Light switches

Shea Maddox
The Toilet seat

David Brian
Internet router

Kacey Shanks Appel
Garage door opener

Liz Montelepre
Shower door

LaWaneka Lee
I'm taking the cord from the back of the internet box

Christy Wood
The labels off the canned goods

Lisa Brady LaCour
Mouse to the computer

Bubba Hattaway
The handle that flushes the toilet

This should be fun;) I’m taking the batteries out of the remote

Posted by Erin Bristol on Monday, March 1, 2021

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