Shreveport's abortion clinic has been inundated with patients coming to Louisiana from Texas. The new Texas abortion law has been in place for a month. The law restricts abortions to the first 6 weeks of a pregnancy.

This means women are leaving Texas for nearby states where the procedure is not as restrictive.

The Hope Medical Group on Kings Highway has seen an influx of women seeking an abortion. Clinic Director Kathleen Pittman tells KHOU TV "It's been crazy." She says they have been flooded with calls for services.

Pittman says the clinic is making appointments, but it will likely take several weeks to get in to the Shreveport facility.

Prior to the new Texas law, the Shreveport clinic got about 20% of its patients from Texas but that number has climbed to more than 50% and it's still climbing.

In Louisiana, patients have to wait 24 hours after that first appointment before they can get an abortion. That means these women typically have to spend the night in Shreveport prior to getting an abortion.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Texas Right to Life is thrilled with the new law, saying it has saved at least 3,000 lives in the first month.

Pittman is concerned other states, including Louisiana might try to enact laws similar to what is now in place in Texas. She tells the Houston tv station she believes Louisiana lawmakers will propose this change during the next legislative session.

Our legislative session begins in March, and I can guarantee you that would be one of the first new restrictions proposed.

Protesters often stage protests outside the local clinic and we recently spotted escorts outside the clinic to help women get inside for services.

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