She's been a fan-favorite twice, so is it time for Becca Tilley to divvy out the roses?

Although Becca Tilley is listed as from San Diego, California, we here in Shreveport know that she is indeed from Shreveport, Louisiana. In the last two seasons of the Bachelor, the country has learned what we've known quite sometime, she's a gem! Honestly, if you get on social media during the show you can see the love that everyone has for Becca.

So isn't it about time she become the next Bachelorette?

Becca has been eliminated from the show twice now. First, she made it to the final two and almost won the heart of Chris Soules. She was most recently sent home on Ben Higgins' season right before hometown dates. And yes, that also means no ABC television cameras in our city and no being "discovered" by chance by a producer.

We've seen Becca mature quite a bit on these last two seasons, isn't it her turn to find love?

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