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A user on the Shreveport Reddit page is posing a good question. With the price of gas on the rise, should local rideshare and app delivery drivers protest users who don't tip?

Shreveport Reddit user Important_Entrance_7 recently started a new thread titled, 'App Driver 'No Tip, No Trip' protest.'

I won't lie, the headline grabbed my attention. While I don't use ridesharing apps often (Uber, Lyft) and I've never used a delivery app service (Waitr, GrubHub, Door Dash), I like to know that the service is available if I need it. Trust me, I'd rather book a ride using Lyft if I've been overserved rather than trying to find someone to come get me.

It appears to me as if there are two problems that need to be addressed. First, while tipping is important, a tip is something you receive for good service. Choosing not to deliver to some people based on a 'pre-tip' seems a little short-sighted, even in the face of growing fuel costs. Second, shouldn't these apps or companies give their drivers a bigger slice of the pie to help compensate for higher prices at the pump? Check out some of these comments and I think you'll understand what I'm trying to get at.

I don't know about you or how large your order generally is, but $12 seems excessive to me...

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. I would have never thought to think of a tip as really being more akin to a 'bid.'

I realize that some people are shut-ins or lack transportation for whatever reason and rely on services like these, but I'm going to assume most just don't want to put on pants.

That's exactly why I would never consider doing this job.

This guy gets it. After all, apps like Uber and Lyft had to receive approval prior to offering their service in our area.

Taking all of the above into account, do you think app drivers should 'protest?' We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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