Women and their high heels. They're nearly inseparable...except when it's 2:00 in the morning and they're leaving the nightclub. The minute that lady walks out the door, she will usually slip those puppies off, sling them over her shoulder and barefoot it to the car, opting for comfort as opposed to cleanliness, walking through heaven knows what, as she makes her way through the parking lot.

Those days might soon be over as the newest type of vending machine is springing up outside nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Vending machines that dispense shoes. Certainly not designer shoes, but for only $20, ladies can slip on some basic flat shoes and they'll get a pouch to throw their heels into.

Rollasole USA is the company behind the vending machines and was actually created by someone with personal experience behind the need. She's 27 year old Ashley Ross from Las Vegas who came up with the idea because she kept seeing women carrying their heels and, "Going barefoot [in Vegas] isn't a great option."

Who knows, since Shreveport/Bossier is also a gambling destination, maybe we're next!

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