Remember a few years ago when Gary and Bristol challenged Tuff Hedeman to jump a horse? He did and we have the proof!

This weekend, Tuff is back in town for his 2018 Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding event at the CenturyLink Center. Unfortunately, he got hung up in Houston and wasn't able to make it for his interview Thursday morning, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to dig up this video.

Several years ago, we challenged Tuff to an '8 Second Challenge' of staying on a different kind of animal... a horse... over a course of jumps! Turns out it wasn't quite fair, because before Tuff rode bulls professionally, he breezed race horses on the track. With that being said, that was more than a few years ago! We think Tuff did a darn good job and he certainly met our challenge! Now it's time for Gary to step up!

You can see Tuff yourself this Saturday, March 17th at the CenturyLink Center! Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 8pm with 24 of the best bull riders in the world! Tickets start at just $25.

Of course, you could take your chances on winning tickets Friday morning at 7:15 with 'Ticket Trivia' and Gary and Bristol. We'll also have another chance to win tickets Friday evening between 5-7pm as Carter broadcasts live on Kiss Country from Eldorado Resort Casino.

Tuff, Cody Rostockyj and several of the other bull riders on the tour will also be out Saturday with free tickets. You can stop by to meet them, get autographs and sign up for your chance to win at the Cavender's in Bossier from 11am-1pm and then at Lander's in Bossier from 1:30-3:30pm. You must be present to win.

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