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2020 has been a strange, strange year. From a global pandemic to murder hornets to all the craziness surrounding the Presidential election...this year has just been an onslaught of non-stop insanity. And, with EVERYTHING else going on, one of the craziest stories of the year has consistently fallen through the cracks: all the mounting evidence that aliens actually exist.

Earlier this year, several former high ranking officials from the US Government confirmed that we are indeed in possession of materials "not of this world." Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has openly talked about Congress' "Black Budget" and how UFOs have consistently interfered with the U.S.'s nuclear program. Then, last week in California, a man spotted a 'fleet of UFOs'. Now, over the weekend, NASA made a startling announcement: that they discovered a 'very weird' molecule in the atmosphere of Titan (a moon of Saturn) which they believe could prove aliens exist.

The story, published by Business Insider, is a fascinating read. According to their report, NASA scientist have discovered cyclopropenylidene (C3H2) in the moon's atmosphere. According to these scientists, C3H2 is an extremely rare carbon-based molecule that can only be created on Earth in lab conditions. Now, you may be wondering 'what does all this mean and why should I care?'. And, that is a great question. Let me share with you what astrobiologist Melissa Trainer told Business Insider: "We think of Titan as a real-life laboratory where we can see similar chemistry to that of ancient Earth when life was taking hold here."

Also, 'ringed molecules' such as cyclopropenylidene are the nucleobases of DNA and RNA in living creatures. While C3H2 itself is not known to play any biological roles on earth...there's a lot we don't know a lot about what's out in the cosmos. Titan has already provided NASA scientists with a treasure trove of interesting chemistry and new molecules. It is also believed that Titan has salt water lakes on its surface. Those underground lakes, according to science, could make alien life sustainable.

Not to go all Fox Mulder on you...but 'the truth is out there' and it seems that every day we're getting a little bit closer to figuring it out.

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