A big congratulations to NASA from the city of Shreveport following their successful Mars landing.

Ever since I was a kid, growing up in a trailer park in Shreveport, Louisiana, I've been fascinated with the stars above and space in general. To this day, my favorite movie of all time is Interstellar. In fact, my love for space has evolved to the point where there's not a single day that goes by where I don't find myself deep into a space-related rabbit hole of videos on YouTube.

I'll take it one step further... The last time I cried actual tears was the successful SpaceX launch from U.S. soil back in May of last year.

I can't fully explain why I love this stuff so much, but I do, and what happened today is cause for celebration.

Whether you're a space nerd like me or not, everyone should be excited about what NASA pulled off today. I know we have done it before, but anytime we send a man-made rover nearly 300 million miles from the Earth's surface and it successfully lands on its target, it's a big win.

More than six months ago, NASA's Perseverance rover was sent straight for Mars. Today, at around 3:00 PM, it flawlessly landed on the surface of Mars and immediately sent back its first images.

Perseverance will be on Mars for quite a long time to come and will begin collecting minerals and sending back images immediately. However, One main goal on Mars for Perseverance will be searching for ancient life on the Red Planet.

When it comes to alien life, present or past-tense, Perseverance will be the one to give us those answers first. Only time will tell.

Congrats to NASA and the United States of America!





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