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You know I'm a sucker for a brand new restaurant in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.  I love trying out new food, and it looks like the train carrying new eateries is once again pulling into our station!

As much as I love a full-size burger, there's something to be said for being able to pack away a half-dozen (or more) of the miniaturized version we have all come to know as the delicious "slider."  If you are a fan of feeling like a giant with one of these little beauties in your hand - you're in luck!  A slider-centric restaurant concept called "Small's Sliders" is prepping for a major Louisiana launch with 12 locations across the state - and one of the tasty crosshairs has been firmly placed on Shreveport.

Just so you know that this isn't a fly-by-night, duct-tape-and-bailing-wire type of operation, PRNewswire is reporting that the restaurant is backed by none other than Louisiana's own Walk-On’s founder Brandon Landry and former Saints quarterback Drew Brees!  That's right - if you count Walk On's and the newly announced Surge Entertainment Complex slated for Bossier City's Pierre Bossier Mall, this would be the 3rd Brees Biz in town!


Former Vice President and General Counsel at Smoothie King Franchises and CEO of Twist Enterprises (the company behind Painting With a Twist) Joe Lewis will be heading up this new project as CEO.


Currently, only one location exists in the world, and it's in Baton Rouge.  Based on the amazing numbers coming out of that "test location," it's safe to assume that once Small's Sliders has their big grand opening in Shreveport - we're all going to want to join the "itty-bitty-burger-committee."

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