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When people see celebrities in-person, there can be a lot of reactions. Most commonly you see joy, interest, and requests for pictures or autographs. The other common responses fall into the same kind of bucket, where someone is too afraid to acknowledge the celebrity, or people who are indifferent and just don't care.

But there's another reaction. This one is much less common, its where the person decided they need to "confront" the celebrity in some way. Either heckling from a distance, getting up in their face, or obnoxiously filming them. Sometimes, all of the above at the same time. Like this example...

During this New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons game, an Atlanta Falcons fan decided to heckle and confront New Orleans native, and Saints fan, Anthony Mackie...ON VIDEO. Now, if you're going to come at Captain America, you better be prepared.

See, Mackie is a Louisiana guy, a Saints fan, and also Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's been featured in multiple MCU movies, had his own Disney+ show, and is getting ready to headline his own Captain America film. Mackie has been acting for years, and has shown his comedic skills hosting award shows as well.

So knowing all of that, you still want to come at him. Here's what happened:

Mackie, cool and calm, lets this guy know that he's acting like a fool. He does it politely, but devastatingly. Telling the Falcons fan:

“Hey my man, you are disappointing your father. He raised you to be better than this. Be a better man. Be the best man that you can be. Be a better man. You are disrespecting your father. Your father’s sad..."

Ouch. Cap wasn't wrong either. If I saw my son act like that, and then get his soul crushed by a Marvel hero, I would be sad.

The internet has been taking this clip viral. With tons of memes  and supportive comments getting posted, like these:



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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.


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