I love retro stuff. That's why I post about history and things from our past we all love and miss. I was searching through YouTube, and I found something that I had to share with you.

First, a little bit of history:

KTBS-TV was founded and was first broadcast in 1955. It has been owned by the Wray family (of Wray Ford) since its sign-on, and was originally owned alongside KTBS radio (710 AM, now KEEL). (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

I have found a piece of a newscast from December 1976 from "Action 3 News" with Fred Rhodes, Byron Scheider and Rick Rowe.

My favorite things about this video are the wardrobe, mustaches, and Rick Rowe's hair. And his suit. Ok...it's Rick Rowe in general.

Now I have to go watch "Anchorman."

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