Did you know that beavers anal glands produce a delightful smell? What if I told you the smell was so wonderfully delicious that it is called a "natural" flavor?

Castoreum, it is put into gummies to get the berry and vanilla taste that we all can't get enough of. I guess the flavor is natural. Can't hate them for being honest. If you see the word castoreum listed as an ingredient, drop the candy. Castoreum is just a fancy word for beavers butt juice. This saddens me, I am obsessed with sour gummy worms.

What about that yummy bubble gum that you spit out after ten seconds because it lost its flavoring? Maybe it's the sheep sweat that makes it lose its flavor so quickly. Lanolin is normally something we put on our face, so many beauty products use lanolin on the regular. Should we consider putting our bubble gum on our face instead of the trash?

Butterfinger fan? There is a form of butane used as a preservative in America's favorite candy bar. There isn't enough tertiary butylhydroquinone in one Butterfinger to make you light up a campfire, sorry about your luck.

Nerds and Good & Plenty contain carmine which is used to get the bright, beautiful, colors that make our eyes light up. How do we get carmine? Boiled, crushed, and dried beetles.

Before you go out and buy Halloween candy, consider which candies contain boiled beetles, and beaver butt juice.


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