Lord help me. . .there is now a Rascal Flatts/Justin Bieber duet.

The song is titled "That Should Be Me"

I must confess that I had to google search Justin Bieber last year. I, unlike 13 year old girls nationwide, am not impressed with the song. But, kudos to Rascal Flatts for realizing the marketing appeal of 'The Bieb'.

In other, I can not believe I am writing about this news, Justin Bieber cut his hair. This is a pretty big deal as I recently watched an episode of 'Glee' that was written with a primary focus on the young Mr. Bieber's sweeping locks. Rascal Flatts band members were keen enough to take photos with the freshly trimmed teen idol. . once again. . excellent marketing boys!

What will happen to the hair you ask? (which I doubt you did ask) Charity. The locks were distributed to various organizations to be raffled off for charity.

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