Teaching your kids to swim is essential.  Even if you live far from swimming pools or the shore - you've got to give them the skill set to survive in the water.  If you're looking for a great way to teach the right skill, and throw in bit of fun to keep them interested - you're in luck!  Registration for Project Swim kicks off on Monday (June 18th) at Rock Solid Athletic Club on Professional Drive North in Shreveport.

Project Swim is a free program for residents of all ages, funded through a grant, aimed at teaching the basics of surviving and how to have safe fun in the water.  Rock Solid Athletic Club has teamed up with SPAR (Shreveport Parks and Recreation) to provide the 5 free, 70-minute lessons swim lessons in response to a tragic multiple drowning incident in 2010.  That's when 6 teenagers, who didn't know how to swim, drowned at a barbecue on the Red River.   

Registration for the lessons is required, and it's open to everyone.  There are a limited number of opening - so folks will be picked on a first come, first served basis.

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