After denying the existence of the video from 1993 where Corey Feldman gave testimony naming Hollywood Pedophiles police are now saying they've located it. Corey has been saying for years that nothing was done after he gave the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department the names of alleged pedophiles. Just last month Dr Oz reached out to the police who said no video existed.

The topic resurfaced in the past few months following the #MeToo campaign where people are coming forward with their stories of sexual assault. Corey is currently working on a documentary about the problem in Hollywood.

The testimony was given during the Michael Jackson investigation back in 1993. Now the questions of why the names he gave weren't investigated and how the tapes were lost are circling the internet. The contents on the testimony will not be open to the public as they contain alleged sexual abuse of a child but the case has now been turned over to the LAPD.

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