A horrifying story released today left many of us here at Kiss Country shocked. A four month old baby, a helpless victim, loses seven fingers to the family pet ferret, his fingers were reportedly chewed off by the pet. The infant is left with thumbs and one pinky finger. There are of course, holes in the parents story that I initially read on KSLA's website.

The parents reported that they were awoken by the screams of their four month old child. LIE!! I say this is a blatant lie!! I believe that the parents were not home at the time. Have you ever seen the way a baby cries when he or she receives one flu shot? How would the parents sleep through seven fingers being chewed off? I imagine it was not a quick process for the ferret to devour the poor infants digits. After cell phone records were investigated by the local authorities in Missouri, the investigators believe that the parents were not home.

The infant, along with three other siblings are currently in the custody of a grandparent.

You can read the entire story reported by KSLA here, as well as find more details and see photos of the parents here.  Here's a report from Fox 4/WDAF in Kansas City:

Did you know that Ferrets made the list of Top 7 Worst Pets for children? Also making the list were Boa Constrictors, English Mastiffs and Monkeys.

A disturbing story to say the least.  What do you think?