Lots of parents are lost after the latest episode of HBO's incredibly addictive Game of Thrones, but not because of the graphic content or lack of a rated G counterpart show for their kids (possibly titled "Lil' Khaleesi's Dragon Pals" - call me HBO).  Fans of the show who were so inspired by Daenerys Targaryen (played by actress Emilia Clarke) that tons of them named their kids after her.  Now that she has taken a very definitive turn towards the dark side, they aren't sure what to do.

Data from the Social Security Administration shows that since 2011 (When HBO premiered the insanely popular fantasy series) more than 3,500 girls have been named Daenerys or Khaleesi.  The Washington Post is reporting that since the aspiring ruler has turned into an overtly bloodthirsty conqueror, parents who named their daughters after the Breaker of Chains aren't so happy that she is no longer a stellar role model.  The oldest girls named Daenerys or Khaleesi would be 8 years old now, and may wonder why they were named after a genocidal maniac.

I, too, named my daughter after a very strong female character from Game of Thrones.  Luckily, I dodged a bullet (so far) - my little girl's middle name is Arya.  Let's just hope that Maise Williams doesn't decide to kill everyone in the next episode (she might).

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