The first three Paranormal Activity movies, released in successive years from 2009-2011, made over $577 million worldwide. The fourth movie made half what the previous film did, and the fifth, a Latin-American themed spinoff subtitled The Marked Ones, made even less than that. The film built up a complicated mythology and then seemed to abandon it all. The next, and reportedly final, Paranormal Activity movie will arrive in theaters this fall (in 3D, no less) and promises to reveal all the film’s secrets. Now you can watch the trailer for the latest installment and see if you still care.

This Paranormal Activity film, subtitled The Ghost Dimension, was originally set to be released back on October 25, 2013, keeping up with the franchise’s yearly domination of the Halloween box-office. As Paramount began to see diminishing returns on the franchise, the film was pushed back to 2014 and again to this October. So, was it worth the wait?

This new trailer certainly seems like more of the same, and not just from the Paranormal Activity franchise, but from every modern haunted house movie. There’s spooky children, a little girl with all black eyes, people getting dragged by ghosts, people finding spooky VHS tapes, hidden messages, even a riff on the old “Bloody Mary” urban legend. It’s not so much that they tried to do something new with this movie, it’s that they tried to do everything with this movie.

One thing that you will get in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is another dimension, and we don’t mean of the astral variety. The film will, somewhat inexplicably for a found footage movie, be presented in 3D. The trailer shows the new victims discovering a special camera that can “see things you cannot see with the naked eye”, which seems like an attempt to explain why we’re seeing home video in the third dimension.

Katie Featherston, the one actor who has appeared in all the Paranormal movies, reportedly returns in this film and this trailer references both Hunter, her son in the movies, and “Toby”, the oddly-named demon allegedly behind all this craziness.

Producer Jason Blum previously told We Got This Covered that The Ghost Dimension “will have answers to every question you have about the mythology of the series.” This assumes that, after all these years, you actually have any questions about the mythology of the Paranormal Activity series.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension opens in theaters this October.

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