You could own a piece of Salem, the TV show that was shot right here in Shreveport/Bossier. We hate that the show didn't go any further than three seasons, however, it was pretty awesome while it lasted and now the production company is selling items including candelabras, utility trailers and even beds that were used during filming!

The auction of over 700 items is going on on right now and the prices are really reasonable so far. Bidding will end March 21, 2017 at 9am CST.

It's interesting to note that several of the pieces were built by the production company behind the show, so some of the items don't necessarily work, meaning they don't have drawers that you can open, etc... I'm of the mind that actually makes the item cooler since it has such a cool story behind it.

Some of my favorite items up for grabs include a Belle de Fleur Love Seat and the matching chase lounge and chair, a vintage carved wood hutch, a copper bathtub,  candelabras and this gorgeous canopied bed!

Best of luck to you on snapping up what you want... unless I'm bidding on it!


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