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Now that gas is officially too expensive, Louisiana residents are looking for any and every way to cut down on driving.  As a result, delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more are raking in record profits.  Now a new delivery service in the Sportsman's Paradise is combining the delivery concept with a way to help their customers cut down on driving by bringing gasoline to them.

Gas Companies Struggle To Keep Up With Increase Of Fuel Demand As Memorial Day Approaches
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According to a report from KALB, Gas 2 You is a brand-new business in Louisiana that specializes in eliminating your drive to the gas station to fill-up.  The company currently only operates out of Alexandria and Pineville, but the concept could quickly spread throughout the state if proven successful.


Gas 2 You operates like most other delivery apps.  Reportedly, after a customer downloads the app and completes their registration, they simply schedule an appointment.  At the appropriate time and location (provided by the customer), a representative from the company will show up in a specialized tanker truck and will the customer's vehicle with either either regular unleaded or premium gasoline.

Diesel Price 5 Dollars a Gallon
Laura Gangi Pond

If you're like me, the first thing you thought of was cost.  As in: How much is this going to cost me compared to filling up at the gas station?  According to the company's website:

Our gas is priced in order to be competitive with local, top tier gas stations. We are constantly working with distributors in order to provide our customers with the best price available.

The company does charge a $6 fee in addition to the cost of the gas, but I honestly expected it to cost significantly more.  Reportedly, they also offer monthly and yearly memberships that will supposedly save their customers even more money.

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