It's become a trend that Louisiana just can't seem to break. The numbers were just released from the Census Bureau and for at least the past eight years, Louisiana is losing population.

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Comparing the data from 2020 to 2021, Louisiana continued the downward trend and dropped another 27,000 residents.

Exactly Why Are All These People Leaving?

In an article from the Louisiana Radio Network, demographer Greg Rigamer, says that one of the leading causes for the mass exodus has been Louisiana's poor economy, and the latest number shows that our population decline for the past year is six-tenths of a percent, which is the sixth highest in all of America.

According to Rigamer, people continue to move away in search of greener financial pastures. "States with a prosperous economy, communities with a prosperous economy attract people. People by and large are looking for a better life."

The saddest part of the findings are that other states in our region are actually growing. Rigamer says, "Arkansas grew, Texas, of course, grew significantly on this, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, you know states within our region are doing much better."

What If The Decline Continues?

So, we can't blame it on geography. It's about people's search for a brighter future. And if the decline continues, it could ultimately cost Louisiana a seat in Congress. Rigamer explained to that, "It’s a little too early to say that but clearly if we continue to lose population that’s a probability."

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