I think we've all been in a bad spot when it comes to money.  Something big goes south with the car, the phone bill is crazy high for some reason, going sixty in a thirty - take your pick of reasons.

If you are there right now, you aren't alone.  A new study by the New York Fed says that one third of Americans are right there with you.  According to the study, a full 67% of households in the U.S. could scrape together two grand in a month for an emergency. That leaves 33% out in the cold when it comes to the financial curve-balls that life throws at them.

That percentage just happens to coincide exactly with the number of Americans who have "roller-coaster" finances.  The report uses this term to define households that have wildly fluctuating incomes due to contract labor, frequent job changes, or other factors. This is where I was recently.  I have a great job now, but that is a recent change. Catching up with all that I was behind with was difficult to say the least.  Now I am working on a savings plan, which is the real answer here.

Experts agree that saving is the best defense against this perilous situation, no matter what your income level.  If you can only squirrel away 10 or 20 bucks a paycheck - that savings could save you a giant headache in the future. If you are having a hard  time finding a few bucks to save, America Saves has a great article detailing 54 ways to save money right here.

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