As a kid growing up here in Shreveport I loved all the incredible TV shows that were made right here locally.

In fact, it's pretty awesome that I regularly get to visit with Bob Griffin having witnessed his stardom in "Bob and His Buddies."  There was Al Bolton and "Al's Corral",  Bozo the Clown, my old friend Chuck Smith on PM Magazine and Mid South Wrestling's regular stops at the KTBS studio with Ted DiBiase, Dr. Death Steve Williams, The Junkyard Dog, Cowboy Bill Watts and the whole gang.  I even got to go to the KTBS studio one Saturday for a live filming.

And over the years I've gotten to meet and work with some of the finest TV news anchors to ever work here.  From Bob Griffin and Al Bolton to Sherri Talley, Shari Warren, Don Owen, Al Pierce, Tim Fletcher and Liz Swaine just to name a few.

Course I'm probably forgetting something special we got to enjoy in Shreveport's television past.  If you can think of something to add, please feel free to jump in.

And just to take a little walk down memory lane, check out this old video of The Junkyard Dog defending his title against Bob Roop.

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