The old saying, "Nothing lasts forever" comes to mind upon hearing the news that the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has decided the old fishing pier on the south end of Lake Bistineau at the spillway is too dangerous and beginning October 25, is scheduled for demolition.

If you're unfamiliar with the pier, it's actually a section of the old LA Highway 154 bridge over the spillway, that for over twenty years has accommodated local anglers with a fishing opportunity without need for a boat.

The pier is the only remaining section of the old bridge which was originally constructed with the Lake Bistineau dam in 1934-35 and was replaced in 2001. Since that time, LDWF has owned and managed the fishing pier, which has become a popular bank fishing location.

However, time has been unkind to the old pier and it has now deteriorated to the point it's no longer deemed safe for public use. Additionally, according to LDWF, if the structure were to collapse, it could cause damage to the Lake Bistineau spillway and control gates. Such damage could threaten the integrity of the structures that control water levels on the lake, leading to expensive emergency repairs.

According to LDWF officials, the demolition project is estimated to take 90 days to complete and during that time, LA Hwy 154 leading to the spillway and fishing pier may be temporarily closed to public access.

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