Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport is stepping up when it comes to keeping residents safe and informed regarding COVID-19.

Most people have more questions than answers when it comes to coronavirus and protecting yourself and your family. That's why they've set up a dedicated free hotline, available 24/7, to answer your questions about coronavirus. Whether you want to learn more about prevention or whether or not you should be tested, they have doctors on call, ready to speak with you at 1-844-888-2772.

They also have another neat tool to offer residents looking for answers and it's basically like Skyping with a physician. I've included a video on how to use the service below. The web address to utilize this resource is ochsner.org/ochsner-anywhere-care.

You can also visit the Oschner LSU Health Shreveport website for great information regarding coronavirus and travel, talking to your kids about COVID-19, hand washing and other protective measures, as well as debunked myths. Remember, knowledge is power, but only when the information is correct!

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