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Yes, it is Opposite Day. Or wait, should I say, no it isn't. Is that how it works?

January 25th is officially National Opposite Day. Although according to some, Opposite Day is January 7th. So really, you can get into a big opposites pickle when you say today is, or isn't Opposite Day.

So whether its the 7th, or today, what exactly is Opposite Day...on a grand scale, not like when we were kids. There is a website that tracks all of these "holidays", from the real ones to the oddball ones. The site is, and here's what they say about Opposite Day:

"Opposite Day has been declared for January 25 but its advent and development is legendary, at minimum. Considered a “children’s philosophy course,” Opposite Day has wormed its way into our jokester hearts by creating a perfectly comprehendible self-referential paradox."

In fact, they go so far as to bring up the Seinfeld episode where George starts "doing the opposite" in his life:

"One of the truest pop-cultural moments in opposite day history has been the George Costanza method of “doing the opposite.” George, realizing his life has gone nowhere, decides to do the opposite of whatever he would typically be doing in any situation. The end result is that the typically horizontal, curmudgeon George suddenly becomes an active, sincere, and honest person."

So its up to you, is today Opposite Day, or is it January 7th. Or is it Opposite Day, but saying that means it's not. So really it's not Opposite Day, which means that it is...or is it?

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