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President Joe Biden announced last week that he will be moving to create multiple COVID-19 vaccine mandates across the country. His plan aims to use US labor regulations to require the vaccines for certain businesses and industries.

One of the biggest parts of Biden's vaccine plan is to use the Department of Labor to regulate employers with more than 100 employees to require those employees to be vaccinated. Of course, like almost all of the vaccine mandates we've seen around the county, there is an "out" through regular, weekly testing.

Of course the response to Biden's vaccine mandate plan was very divided, and very fierce. But after almost a week of the mandate sinking in, the tide appears to be solidifying behind support of the mandates.

A new Axios-Ipsos poll shows that 6 out of every 10 American voters now support the Biden vaccine mandates. The poll was conducted over the last weekend, ending on September 13th. So it is a very recent response from voters.

When it comes to the requirement to have businesses with more that 100 employees mandate vaccines, voters were still relatively divided. Inside the research, voters who identified as Democrats supported the Biden vaccine mandates by 84%, but voters who identified as Independents weren't too far behind at 62%. Voters who identified as Republican still supported the measure at 30%, meaning 3 out of 10 Republican voters now support the Biden mandates.

The number of Republican voters who support COVID-19 vaccine mandates actually rises when the question is changed to requiring federal workers to be fully vaccinated, instead of employees of large companies. When it comes to requiring federal workers to be vaccinated, Republicans support that at 33%. But interestingly, voters who identify as Independents give less support to the idea of only requiring federal workers. Their support of that slips to 61%, but their opposition rises to 39% (from 37% when its all larger employers).

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