Beer is great, and beer brewed here in the SBC is even better.  Flying Heart, Great Raft, and Red River are delicious - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  New, local breweries are popping up all the time.  Most are delicious, and all of them are labors of love.  If you know any Brew-masters, you'll know that they are happy as heck just getting paid to do something they love!  A lot of them get paid in beer is what I'm saying. Fortunately for them, people love craft beer and are willing to pay real money for it. With a great product, the right infrastructure, and great marketing - a craft brewery can make some decent money.  So the Brew-masters can get beer and money!  That may be about to change.

The Advocate is reporting that because of new state regulations, quite a few of our beloved brew makers could be moving to greener pastures.  The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control sent out a clarification on the new rules Friday.  These rules call in to question the practice of hosting live events like yoga sessions, hiring live music, bringing in food trucks, or really inviting the public to hang out at the birthplace of their favorite beverage.

NOLA Brewery in New Orleans is looking at the possibility of 3 or 4 closures throughout the state, and they're not the alone.  Closer to home, Parish Brewing in Broussard is considering moving out of state.

The rules are a bit confusing, but you can read about them here.  This won't effect microbreweries in the same way, but it will definitely mean a change in the way we consume the great national beverage here in the SBC.


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