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There's nothing more bizarre to me than seeing our Saints play in the Superdome in front of no one. Hopefully, that will change soon.

It's no secret that the New Orleans Saints are eager to play ball in front of their faithful. Just a couple of weeks ago we reported on the Saints considering home games in Baton Rouge so they can have fans in the stands. No word yet on if that is still being considered.

This week, the New Orleans Saints met with the mayor New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, to discuss the possibility of getting fans in the Superdome sooner rather than later.

While no announcement has been made, the spokesperson for the mayor, Beau Tidwell, says a phased re-opening of the Superdome to fans is very much possible. He says, "That’s in line with how we’ve handled reopening all other sectors, so it’s not a special case exception, it’s a phased and gradual incremental return to fans in the seats, again because we don’t want to go backwards.”

Once again, no decision has been made so you can expect a fan-less game against North Carolina in New Orleans this Sunday.

When the doors do open to fans inside the Superdome, don't expect many seats available. In regards to how many seats will become open to the public once an agreement has been made, Tidwell says, "The mayor is meeting with the Saints to find a way that we can move forward that will be safe for everyone, that’s going to be incremental. We’ve determined that big pot number that 20,000 is not something we feel can be realistically be done in a safe way, so we are trying to find something that will."

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