Before You Get Really Excited, No Buc-ee's and Louisiana Aren't Working Together to Bring a Buc-ee's to the Bayou State.

However, Buc-ee's next massive gas station will be close enough for us to check out whenever we go to New Orleans.

Mississippi Is the Latest State to Get Beaver Love.

Just like Buc-ee's does, they're investing in the community and they're jumping in headfirst. Buc-ee’s announced their plans to open a location in Pass Christian Mississippi, this marks the very first store in Mississippi and won't be far from New Orleans. Only an hour and eleven minutes to be exact.

This New Buc-ee's Will Be the Closest One to the Louisiana Border.

Buc-ee’s is known for its clean restrooms, the best food a gas station could ever make, and cheap gas. The construction will start next year and normally it takes Buc-ee's about a year to get the massive gas station up and running.

As always Buc-ee’s is already investing in the community that they plan to build in, Buc-ee's is paying for the widening of the Menge Avenue overpass. This overpass currently has two lanes and soon it will have five. A roundabout will also be installed and it will cost Buc-ee's between 15 and 20 million dollars.

When You Visit NOLA in Late 2023 Plan to Go to Buc-ee's.

Is this the closest the Bayou State will get to having a Buc-ee's? As of now, this is as good as it gets folks.

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