The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has been bringing back some pretty nostalgic feelings for fans of the show who grew up in the 80's.  It's a fantastic show regardless of how old you are, but for folks who experienced first hand the era in which Matt and Ross Duffer's mind-bending sci-fi saga is set know how crazy accurate the details really are.

The show's influence can't be understated either, the 3rd season is set to kick-off on the 4th of July this year - and one 80's artifact the Duffer brothers are highlighting in the show is getting a real life resurrection. The Coca-Cola company will be releasing a limited number of cans of New Coke in conjunction with the marketing ramp-up for the third season of “Stranger Things.”  Reportedly, the company also plans on popping up some specially themed "Upside Down" vending machine for the product. According to CNN, the throwback "New" Coke will be available starting tomorrow.

Why is this drink disaster such an important pop-culture detail? On April 23rd, 1985, the Coca-Cola company took a huge gamble, and it failed very publicly.  The insanely popular soft drink had been slipping in sales, and to boost the sagging numbers - they changed the formula of their 99 year old product.  They called the new formula Coke and everyone hated it.  Not only did they not like the taste, they hated the fact that someone took their original Coca-Cola.  It was like a national emergency, and the folks at the Atlanta headquarters for the world's largest soda company cracked.  They immediately brought back the original formula and sold it side by side with the what was referred to as "New" Coke.  The new Coke was phased out pretty quickly and the "Original" was dropped from the name to leave us with the drink that we all know and love.

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