I'm not sure if this is genius, or a clear sign that humans have finally jumped the shark but there is now an app that allows you and your partner du jour to enter into a legally binding contract before having sex.  This contract is to ensure that the act is entered into will full consent to do so, and and also outlines exactly how far that consent goes.  It also covers STD's, video tapes, and all kids of kink that will be out in the open and known to everyone involved well before any thing goes down.

Screenshot - legalfling.io
Screenshot - legalfling.io

The Legal Fling app is in development now, but it's creators say that it will be available to download soon.  They claim that it's purpose is to make sure that your fun is fun and safe for everyone.  It works like this: You receive a "request" from someone on the app, then you fill out the contract (which includes a section that outlines your willingness to engage in dirty talk, BDSM, and more), then accept or deny it.  Once accepted by both parties, the contract is then uploaded to some sort of sexy cloud where it is saved and time-stamped for all of eternity!  Presto - no confusion!  The contract can be updated at anytime and those to will be saved for all time.

If you are already in a relationship, you don't have to miss out on this fun.  You will be able to set the term of the contract from infinity all the way down to a couple of hours and make sure that your significant other (co-applicant) is into to whatever you're into.

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