You're probably sick of seeing all these rants on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where, after a long over detailed explanation of what sent the person over the edge, it could have just been resolved by them calling someone who actually cares. If that last sentence offended you, all your followers and friends wanted me to let you know it's getting annoying. Before I started radio I waited tables. I dealt with some of the most difficult people, the same people who wanted to see a manager and get their whole meal comped and a gift card because another table got their food before them. The customers who would make my shift great, and were so appreciative, were always the last ones to get in front of the owner or manager to share their experience. I remember thinking, "How great would it be if people were quick to share the good instead of the bad?"

Sometimes we go to a store, or a restaurant and get one of a kind amazing service. We may walk into a restaurant where the server has been swamped with tables and somehow manages to make sure your drinks are topped off and keeps a smile on their face. What about that employee at the store who actually walked you over to the department you needed and found the item with you? Chances are you remember the horrid experiences and tell all your friends why you won't ever go to THAT place ever again. I'm guilty of that for sure. Instead, we want you to R.A.N.T. where you Remember Amazingly Nice Things! Where have you recently gone and had some of the best service ever? Tag the business in the comment section and let us know! We want you to R.A.N.T away and brag on the local business!

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