Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who became one of America's leading pro-life activists and speakers, will be the keynote speaker Tuesday night, March 20, at a reception to benefit Mary's House Pregnancy Care Center.

The event, to be held at the Bossier Civic Center, will center on Johnson's journey from a believer in Planned Parenthood's mission to one of its fiercest and most dedicated opponents.

In fact, Abby describes her mission on her own website,

My mission - and my team's mission - is simple: We're in the fight for life because we're pro-love. We see that every life, from the child in the womb, to the elderly - and in between, including the abortion clinic worker's life, have incredible value and worth. We believe that abortion strips women of their dignity. We believe that motherhood is empowering.

We believe that not conforming and giving into societal pressures when it comes to femininity is empowering.

We believe that justice applies to every single human being on this earth. We believe in redefining the pro-life movement to include everyone, every age, race, gender, religion and every job.

For information on the Mary's House mission and to find out more about the Abby Johnson appearance, JUST CLICK HERE!

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