An image showing a naked person mowing on the side of the street has gone viral. Is this person actually in Keithville?

I must say, in my years of investigating local stories, this is a first for me. Usually I'll do a deep dive on local drama, political stuff, restaurants closing, and of course, fights. Never once in my years as a respected journalist in Shreveport-Bossier have I spent so much time trying to put the pieces of a puzzle like this together.

Several Facebook posts have gone viral showing a nude person mowing their yard with a push-mower while a passing driver snaps a photo from behind. Ove the last few days, this photo has gotten shared all around Facebook, with the "butt" of the joke being aimed at Keithville.

Now, I'm not saying this wouldn't happen in Keithville, because it absolutely would. I should know, I grew up in Keithville and spent many days in my adolescence nearly nude playing in a pasture. On top of that, it gets really, really hot in Keithville, so the thought of someone bearing all while mowing the lawn wouldn't surprise me. After all, we have to get super creative to beat the heat here in town.

However, the question remains... Is this naked lawn mower actually in Keithville, as the internet suggests?

My investigation leads me to believe the answer is no, unfortunately. As much as I want this nude mower to be from my hometown, all signs point towards that not being the case. After searching the image via Google, I found the photo in question has been shared a handful of times on Reddit and elsewhere with no mention of Shreveport, Keithville, or even Louisiana.

I did find a story from about a month ago where a man in Templeton, CA had to make a bizarre promise to local authorities. According to San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, this man, "admitted to mowing his lawn while naked and had been doing so for the last two years. Deputies counseled the man and he agreed he would no longer mow his lawn naked.”

Is this our naked mower? He just might be, although I feel like the "Keithville" mower is a female. If you have any additional info on the Keithville mower, feel free to reach out and help this critical investigation.



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