The internet is an interesting place. Just yesterday I found out that there are world records for the most liked photos on Instagram. Since when is this a thing? Kylie Jenner was bumped off as having the most liked photo on Instagram. She lost the title to a picture of an egg. The egg got 35 Million likes, let's say that again, a picture of an egg got 35 MILLION LIKES ON INSTAGRAM! I was speechless when I heard about this. What in the internet?! I feel like every time I get online there is a new viral trend I know nothing about. Today was no different. have you heard of moon selfies? The person who takes the photo looks like a moon, clearly, my photo doesn't do the viral trend any justice.

All you need is your phone and a toilet paper roll. Hopefully, your picture is just as beautiful as the Wolf Room we are expecting on January 20th! Send us your moon selfie in the comments below.

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