Minden Police are currently investigating a drive-by shooting that left a home riddled with bullets. The shots rang out Thursday evening on Sims Street in the formerly peaceful and quiet city.
Minden police say the shooting was targeting a local gang member, who wasn't home at the time. However, two women and an infant were in the home when the shooting happened. The house was hit around 10 times during the shooting, and one bullet came within one foot of hitting an elderly woman. The terrified woman was quoted as saying "We are tired of this mess every day and night".
Minden is currently dealing with an extreme uptick in violent gun crime frustrating and overwhelming the currently understaffed Minden Police Department. Most of the crime, according to the Minden Police, is gang related.
No further details are being provided as this is an ongoing investigation.
If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Minden Police Department, or you the contact button on the MPA Facebook page to anonymously provide information.

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