Louisiana is getting younger - or the population is, I should say.  According to number crunchers at Porch.com, who have been pouring over the latest census data, Louisiana is one of the most popular places for millennials to move.  This age group is generally defined as the generation born in the time ranging from the early eighties to the late nineties.

While it has been widely accepted that this group of young adults is more than willing to move across the country in search of better jobs, housing, etc. - the cities that they are moving to may surprise you.  The great millennial migration shows that the search isn't just about easy access to avocado toast, but about a balance of affordability and urban living that can be found in more and more cities across the nation.  Apparently, that balance can be found in abundance right here in the Bayou State.

Millennial influx

Not only is the number of early 20 to early 30 year-olds coming into the state up, the average age of new Louisiana residents has gone down.  In the last 2 years, the average age of folks relocating to the Sportsman's Paradise has fallen by 20 months (it now stands at 28).  As it stands now, 56.2% of new residents fall into the "millennial" age bracket, the 5th highest percentage in the nation.

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