Melissa McCarthy is proof that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes smuggle 40 ham sandwiches into award shows. We still don't have any idea how Melissa McCarthy was able to pack in 40 sandwiches into a bag and go unnoticed. McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone were the real heroes of the Golden Globes. Many people don't eat once they hit the red carpet and they are left feeling hangry, although their beautiful photos don't make it seem like they are, some of our favorite actors and actresses are hoping to snag some kind of snack before the awards ceremony starts. Unfortunately, dinner is served very early at the Golden Globes to avoid the sound of clinking in the background during the televised event.

Melissa McCarthy walked in with 40 plastic wrapped ham sandwiches from Joan's on Third, in Los Angeles. After seeing a picture of the sandwiches we are craving them. They are made with apricot-glazed ham and brie in an artisan ciabatta roll and will run you about $13 a pop. According to McCarthy's husband's Twitter, the couple entered with 40 sandwiches and left with 2. Sounds like everyone who snagged a sandwich is a winner to us! Have you ever snuck in snacks and food somewhere where it's not permitted? Don't worry, famous people do it too!


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