Maren Morris turned to social media recently to share an update on her pregnancy, revealing that her hormones have been making her emotional in the most unexpected ways.

"Third Trimester Hormone Update: My nail lady said 'your face doesn’t even look that fat' and I genuinely teared up I was so touched," Morris tweeted on Jan. 14.

"The Bones" singer and her husband Ryan Hurd are expecting a baby boy in March or April. Morris will even still be performing in March prior to giving birth. "Pregnant AF at the Houston Rodeo? Yee Haw," the singer tweeted in response to the news of her upcoming March 7 performance at the famed Houston Rodeo.

Luckily for Morris, she doesn't have to experience pregnancy by herself. Her bass player, Annie Clements, is also expecting.

"I love that we’ll get to experience this new-mom-on-the-road life together," she wrote in a sweet Instagram post. "So let’s shred for 90 minutes and then go rock these babes to sleep on the bus with a glass of wine."

Morris and Hurd met while doing a songwriting session together and married in March of 2018. The pair announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post. Morris discovered that she was pregnant prior to a songwriting session and told her husband while driving to the session.

"I wrote a song — I had a co-write the day that I took the pregnancy test," she told Taste of Country Nights in an interview. "I couldn't think about anything else, so I have a song that I wrote about it. I'm sure there'll be more as I continue writing."

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