Luke Bryan and the good folks at Good Morning America made sure things turned around for an elementary school coach on the verge of losing his job due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Not only did the morning talk show partner with Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation to give Matthew Bailey a donation of $65,000 to help him continue his coaching duties at Manzanita Community Elementary School in California, but they also made sure that he got to virtually meet one of his favorite country music stars: Luke Bryan.

"I've been following your story," Bryan tells the shocked Playworks coach, who was originally profiled on the show last year. "Every morning my wife (Caroline) and I watch GMA as we're getting the kids going, and I remember seeing your story originally and to find out you are a fan of mine is amazing."

"Thank you so much for all your contributions to these kids, it's so important," Bryan continues. "I had teachers and coaches that still have lasting advice and life lessons burned into my brain."

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Bailey works for Playworks, a nonprofit group that operates in lower-income communities, getting kids involved in recess and other hands-on activities to make school fun.

While Bryan says he doesn't know when he's going to be touring again, the American Idol judge knows that he definitely wants to meet Coach Bailey in person someday.

"To be associated with positive people like yourself is so inspiring," the star tells him. "Watching everything you’ve overcome and still have the attitude to continue to get up and continue to give, to give back tenfold, [it’s] very inspiring."

"I am so blessed," Coach Bailey remarks after the virtual presentation. "I really appreciate you all."

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